About Us

We are Scandinavia’s first research based Public Relation(ship) firm. While other firms give you the same old, tried and true methods, because they have used them for years. We won’t. What this means is that we are constantly conducting research to determine what’s is techniques, methods, and tactics are working today. As a result, we offer the exact techniques, methods and tactics will work for you in that particular situation.

With this in mind, we have concluded our BETA phase, but we are NOT looking for new clients right now. We are developing and testing methods on a small group or related firms. When we are ready, we will let you know and open the doors for new clients.

Here a growing list of principles we believe.

1. It’s not rocket science – Many so-called PR professionals and firms will try to use big words and smooth language to convince you that what they are going is complex. Don’t believe them. Don’t get us wrong, delivery quality PR products ad service is hard work. However at the bottom of it all, we are using our skills to get your story out to a wider audience – and that is it. It’s not rocket science.

2. We work Harder and Smarter – We, probably like you, do not have the resources of some of our competitors. So we can’t outspend them, but we can out-think them. Anyone can work hard, but we work harder and smarter.

3. It’s the story, stupid – The primary reason companies and people don’t get publicity is because a) they don’t have a story to tell or 2) they have not communicated the story well enough to the media outlet. We have some exciting research going on in the area of storytelling. A hint – If you have a compelling story, journalists and others will fall all over themselves to tell your story. It’s the story, stupid.

More to come!

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