Is anyone listening?

We are working hard developing, testing and retesting new methods and
techniques for our beta clients.

We are looking for a few interns to work with us as Strategists,
Creators and Connectors in Stockholm.

Strategists – professionals who analyzes clients’ business
Creators – writers, designers, and producers who generate ideas & create brand stories
Connectors – professionals who reach target audiences through traditional and alternative channels as
well as social media


  • You should be a top student near the end of your studies in the field of PR, Branding, Storytelling or related fields
  • You should be able to think strategically, but also not afraid to get your hands dirty in the practical aspects of the work
  • You must have Swedish as your mother tongue, but be nearly as fluent in English



  • Help develop some of the methods, techniques and core principles of the Agency
  • Test those methods and techniques with our beta clients



  • You will gain broad experience in the field of PR, Branding, Communication and Marketing.
  • You will be able to supplement your theoretical training from school with actual hands on practice.
  • You will NOT just have the typical intern experience. You will have real responsibility



  • Three to six months


Send whatever you think is relevant to –