Does Kristen Stewart Need PR Help?

Does Kristen Stewart need PR help? For  you that don’t know, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been onscreen stars and lovers in the cult-like and highly successful, Twilight movie series. If you don’t know that, then you also don’t know that Stewart and Pattinson have had an off screen love affair as well. However, this relationship, while widely known and reported had never been confirmed by either party, until her apology.

During the break between Twilight movies, Stewart starred in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman directed by Rupert Sanders. Unfortunately, on July 17th, the 22-year-old Stewart and married Sanders, 41, were photographed in a steamy smooch session in Los Angeles July 17. Too make the story messier, Sander’s wife of ten years, model Liberty Ross, played Stewart’s mother in the film.

Photos in the issue of Us Weekly show the two sucking face in Stewart’s car and embracing near a remote spot overlooking the Hollywood sign. As the first pictures hit the Web, Stewart immediately publicly apologized to her actor (and live in boyfriend) Pattinson and professed her love for him.

The question is – Is Kristen Stewart handling her pubic relations properly?

One, she probably did the right thing in admitting it right away; and two, she was correct in issuing an apology. Given that she was caught red handed, she could not deny it.  The apology demonstrates she feels sorry for her actions (or at least getting caught). She is lucky that the incident took place well before the heavy promotion for the (final) Twilight movie. Her speed is most likely an attempt by her and more importantly Lionsgate (the movie studio) to get it over and done so it doesn’t interfere with the upcoming movie promotion.

However, for this to work, she has to disclose it all and be 100% truthful. Any detail or misrepresentation will come out and will do damage. If this relationship was more than “a one time thing” as the apology implies, K Stew has just a few days left to correct her statement. Unfortunately, the current sentiment is that the apology was not sincere and was not fully forthcoming.

Three, Stewart did not mention or apologize to her on screen mother and Sander’s wife, Liberty Ross. Should she? One could argue that his wife and family is his problem. On the other hand, the three were working so closely together, is it natural to not mention her at all?

Four, Stewart needs to subtle remind everyone that she is only 22 years old and that young people make mistakes.

Five, what should she do about her millions of younger fans, many of which are confused and disappointed? Well, probably remind them that young people make mistakes, but the key thing is to learn from them.

Six, somebody out there is floating the idea that “if” Stewart and Sander skipped intercourse, is it still cheating. Stewart’s advisers should make sure they run from that (silly) argument.

Recent stories have suggested that Pattinson was days away from proposing to Stewart. Whether that is true or not Pattinson is certainly getting the public’s sympathy. Stewart can’t nor should she try to compete.

Ultimately, it is too early to tell, if K Stew can fully recover from this mess. She is making some right moves so far, but she still has a long way to go. We Are PR hopes she has top advisers, because if she doesn’t, we can offer our services.

We will keep our eye on this situation and report back, if an when necessary.

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