How green is your business?

According to Wikipedia – “Green PR is a sub-field of public relations that communicates an organization‘s corporate social responsibility or environmentally friendly practices to the public. The goal is to produce increased brand awareness and improve the organization’s reputation. Tactics include placing news articles, winning awards, communicating with environmental groups and distributing publications.”

Many companies are flocking sub-field pr specialists to boost their green quotient. Green is the new black. While there are many that don’t want to be black, they certainly want to be green.But just because everyone else is trying to push their greenness, does that mean you should?

A general rule of thumb is – To have success in business do the opposite of what most everyone else is doing.

However if you are environmentally friendly as part of your normal course of business, tell that story. But don’t do what many companies do and claim green where there is no green. Some firms have fallen into the trap of greenwashing, which is spinning a story usually deceptively that the company is greener that it actually is.

Some of these green pr firms try to lead you down a path that you may not want to go. Be careful. It’s a slippery slope.