How To Write Outstanding Media Pitch Notes? An Easy Guide

I need to ask a simple question from friends looking for small business public relations information. Let’s assume a situation where a friend of yours sends you a short, to the point e-mail about a dinner party. Additionally, another friend of yours sends you a long detailed e-mail at the same time with the same request. Who will get replied first? For sure, you will reply the first friend at once. The same happens with pitch notes. Shorter the pitch notes are, quicker is the response but it is really difficult to write some good but short pitch notes. 

If you want to share some great news about your offer, make sure that you keep your pitch notes really short and relevant. Journalists are literally bombarded with pitch note e-mails everyday. If you want to make yours work well, follow these simple steps.

 Relevant information: it is important to go through a relevancy check and find out if your pitch is going to be considered by the journalists. If we use the same friend’s request example again, how will you feel if a friend of ours living in New York asks you to go shopping with him while you are in California? This is not going to work. Similarly, if you send your pitch note about your all new clothing line to a journalist who covers technology is not going to work in any case.

Correct length: the rule for the effective media pitches is; less is more. Try to keep your e-mail pitches to a perfect length of less than ten sentences. It is not as easy if your product needs to be explained in detail. This is the reason for which writing a good pitch note is a challenge and time taking activity.

Big news: it is your job to make your news attractive to the journalist first. You can use all your creative thinking to find a media angle and link your product/business to some latest trend. You can present it like a new trend changing technology or link it to the upcoming events.

Correct structure: finally, finishing it the right way and following a structure guide will help.

  • Introduction
  • Information about product/offer
  • Media angle to prove how is it worth consideration
  • Additional information
  • Photos, sample, etc.
  • Detailed contact information