Five Reasons Why the Media Ignores Your PR

Has it occurred to you why there are businesses that immediately get their press releases published and there are those who have tried for such a long time but still weren’t given a spot? Even though excuses like picky media, bad publicist skills, wrong timing, outbreak, and so on can be used to cover your defeat, they will never help you get your press release published.

If you think your press release is too good to be rejected, you probably need to read it again. If you are too proud to admit that you are hit by this article, the more that you need to read this. Bear with me as I give you the top five reasons why the media rejects your press release.

  1. You forgot to include uniqueness in the quality of your press release. Unless you are a genius, you would normally forget to make uniqueness a requirement. Try visiting a large and constantly populated bookstore and find the area wherein the same general topic as your press release is featured. More than often you would find at least three books of the same topic as your PR. Also, try a product competitive search and you will surely find out a lot of other businesses who are using or providing the same product, idea, or service.
  2. You are using a sales pitch article. Nowadays, people don’t really care about listening to various television and radio advertisements. Knowing this, it is much obvious that they won’t waste time reading one. Regardless of the benefits and features of the product you are trying to advertise, people prefer to read a news story. Don’t give them the product. Provide the story of that product.
  3. You are not that famous. Even if you own a multi-million dollar business and dine with other tycoons in the current market, that doesn’t mean everyone knows who you are. Try to check your ego and understand that the media wants to attract people’s attention. If you are insignificant to many, there won’t be any interest initiated. Try making your reputation a lot much better by participating and connecting with activities and people.
  4. You think that perseverance is the way to get your PR approved. If an editor, publisher, or production manager says “no”, it literally means not now. If you show them that you can’t understand a single word they say, they will also reciprocate that action. Quit bugging them around through emails, fax letters, calls, mobile messages, and others because they will be more than happy to send you to jail for being a stalker.
  5. You are not capable of providing a clear PR story. If the editor or producer you contacted doesn’t understand the article, you need to think things again. Remember that you are somehow talking to the general population, so you need to make a release that can be easily understood by the people. Go out and let others read your work. Change your story according to the criticisms the people will provide. Don’t stop if some people are still confused and edit it if possible.

If your nerves take over and you find your PR efforts to be unsubstantial, spend a little time to think about yourself. Really make sure that you are not the person described with the aforementioned tips. Determine your position in the social economy but don’t forget your own uniqueness. Hire a good publicist to aid you with your efforts and be sure to get positive results. It doesn’t matter which company type you have, but you need to make a custom PR services for your own good.