Public Relations: A Cost-Effective Marketing Method

A lot of entrepreneurs always bump into budget problems when it comes to marketing finances. However, it is already imperative that any business should find feasible ways in order to attract people and increase sales. By taking advantage of PR, you can make your business popular without spending a dime.

When people talk about public relations, social networks and public groups are always part of the discussion. PR is basically a group of marketing efforts that aim to influence the community and create bonds with other influential people to achieve higher social status. Such efforts normally employ non-paid forms of communication thus, enabling any type of business to engage. PR is designed to create a positive image of a brand or business as well as form strong bonds with employees, customers, potential clients and affiliates, unions, and the whole community at large.

The advertising industry is not as effective as it was a few years back. Incidents of unjustified claims have taught people to ignore advertising efforts and be pickier when it comes to product-related statements. Public relations are considered very effective marketing tools because they provide people with useful and justified information which anyone can use to his advantage.

Usually, PR comes in different forms and the traditional way is to provide news stories or press releases to be featured in media segments and local newspapers. Since the creation of the Internet, PR has also been applied online through social media broadcasts and other online communication methods such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Regardless of the way you promote your PR, the main goal of every marketing campaign is to stand out among all others.

The following are useful advice that you can apply in your own written PR campaign.

1.     Review your business plan several times.

Basically, what you need to do is to go through the goals of your campaign. Polish every aspect of the plan and revise anything that seems incoherent with the whole marketing vision. See to it that all your strategies are meant to achieve the goal you want to achieve or in other words the reason of the existence of your business. By setting this kind of perspective, you would be able to have a basis for all your future marketing efforts as well as help in strengthening your brand.

2.     Send out a clear message to the audience.

Before you start the formal writing, think about the message you want to send out to the public and the purpose of doing so. You don’t need to make it sound good as long as it contains the main point. Worry about making the message you need to send out to the media, the one you just did serves as a standard on whether or not you have given the right meaning to the public.

3.     Be newsworthy.

You need to look for a good angle for your story in order to pick-up people’s interest. Find something new and fresh that no news has featured yet before. It can be a successful world record attempt or a revelation that can affect the whole world. Find something that makes you unique and noticeable. It is said that a dog biting a man is not newsworthy, but a man biting a dog can make history.

  1. 4.     Make a captivating heading and first paragraph.

Editors always have a lot to do so they usually read the first parts of submissions and come up with a conclusion immediately. By placing the interesting part on the first parts of your document, editors would immediately approve them without further questions.

  1. 5.     Examine the media your target audience prefers.

PR is like a marketing effort. You need to determine the target, know what they like, and be what they like. In other words, you need to make a press release that will immediately spark interest as well as be in a form similar to what the media is using. Most traditional editors never value generic press releases that seem to be in everyone’s cupboard.

  1. 6.     Be direct to the point and limit the content to one page.

Give your readers a short and concise statement of what you want them to know. There are only two things that can happen to your release if you submit one in multiple pages. First, editors might get bored in the middle or find it to be too much that he or she proceeds to another without giving yours a consideration. Second, the editor might remove large chunks of information that you find very important and you can’t do anything about it anymore.

Before you submit the press release, be sure that you cover all the needed details. Make it a point to provide all the answers in the first paragraph in order to ensure that the information you want to convey remains whether or not the editor edits you work.

  1. 7.     Be mindful of the deadlines.

This is a very important point you need to take note of. Keep a record of the deadlines for the media you’re targeting in order to provide up-to-date releases. For example, if your release contains something for the Christmas season, be sure to give your release to the magazine a month or two before the actual release of the copy. Ask the magazine editor or the newspaper publisher for the important dates.

  1. 8.     Learn proper media management.

Always maintain a list of media contacts you can use for your PR campaigns. This makes it easier to find mediums as well as get insights on what you can use for your press release on a particular publishing period. It is also a good way for you to be updated as well as develop strong business relationships.

Business owners who do not hesitate of using public relations for marketing efforts usually achieve goals faster. The best advantage of such method is that you can make a wider marketing plan to gain more coverage without the need to increase the budget

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    I seldom found a site as entertaining and as informative as this. And i do agree that for beginners its really difficult to obtain feasible ways to attract customers and I do believe in myself that the above cost effective way in gaining customers heart is a nice and brilliant idea that we can use as a weapon in competing with our business competitors.