Share your wealth – Move the free line

Creating a Wider Sales Funnel by Moving the Free Line

Eben Pagan is one of the many entrepreneurs who had influenced a lot of people from all walks of life. He has shared countless lessons and has inspired many individuals.

Pagan emphasized, “Give your BEST stuff away. For free!” People would usually hear him saying this. This philosophy may not work for all enterprises, according to him but it will not hurt to try.

He added that figuring out what to give away for free is indeed a challenging task. There should be a balance of being generous and thinking of ways to attract more in return. If you mull this over, you are exposing yourself to a mental exercise, as you get to engage in the chicken-and-egg riddle.

Most likely, your brain starts to enumerate the means by which you can give away things for free. You are most probably toying on the idea of getting what you paid for. With all these in mind, you might be experiencing headache as you attempt to make things work to your advantage. Well, worry not. There are online services that are free and which will proffer you excellent customer services and products.

The question – What is it about the web that makes giving away things for free so necessary and easy? – might have popped your head. Maybe you are seeking answers to this. Allow this article to discuss and explain to you how online entrepreneurs gain profit and sustain their enterprise through time.

The Free Line

A line is a point in an entrepreneur’s sales funnel where he issues free value. Beyond this line are the paid-for products which move from front to back.

In the online world, sales funnel is not a new concept. In fact, it is a famous idea. Many Internet marketers have benefitted from this strategy. They have augmented their income to many degrees higher. This is because these businessmen successfully moved their customers from free resources to paid front-end products and services to high margin back-end items.

So, how does this process go? The entire process starts with offering free resources. Almost every online visitor has tried this portion of the sales funnel. An example of this is the blog which is a free resource and is a good tool in bringing in people into the sales funnel.

After this, it is time for you to persuade the readers to try your paid stuff and veer away from the free stuff that you offered.

How can it help your Business?

Moving the Free Line

Have you tried talking to an Internet entrepreneur? He will most likely reveal to you how the idea of free line may be implemented successfully. You should make sure that the front end, paid for product must be placed above the free line. If you put this product further down, then you will have a great chance of beating the competition.

A well-constructed sales funnel is a great advantage on your part. This will definitely allow distributing more values and are still for free. Eventually, you will be able to out-value others. Another thing, you can proffer higher commissions to affiliates. In the end, you will undoubtedly experience Internet traffic heading your way and online customers marching towards you.

Come to think of it. This is just all about gaining profit from the back-end product and providing your customers the best value above the free line.

Giving Away your Best Products and Services

If you pondering about the possible losses that you will get, think again. Bear this in mind. If you want to capture attention from the online community, you ought to give away some of your best contents.

Web content is very important – one of the most important actually. Giving more quality for free will eventually result to more links to your website. In the end, you gain more traffic, improved credibility, longer exposures and larger sales.

Always keep in mind that web users will most of the time search for what is free. They will expect free value. And so, if you intend to do business (or anything) online, give away your best for free.

Innovate – Not Imitate

Well, releasing a free e-book or replicating what others have done before may prove to be instant hits in the online arena. However, neither of the two can cut the ice, so to speak. Innovation is the key. Copying will not really take you places.

Try to include in your online some innovative delivery methods. If you want, you can engage in a live web-stream of the events of your company. You may also release an excellent video for free which marks the launching of your online enterprise. But do not forget to ask for the email addresses of your visitors.

It should not surprise you if you spot videos, audios, membership sites, home study courses and a lot more above the free line. Actually, this is a good marketing tactic in generating more businesses.

Those from the marketing industry will most probably adopt these techniques. You should expect this since the Internet is already “plagued” with countless free content. Then, it will penetrate the other industries.

Moving the Free Line and its Effects on You

If you have been doing some online business for quite some time, providing free resources may not be a new idea to you. If you are neophyte in the online arena, you are most likely on the stage of building up traffic. Right now, what do you offer for free? How can you go one step further and attract your potential clientele? Never forget to use unique delivery methods and proffer more free stuff in the future.

If, at this point, you do not have adequate free resources, work on building up store value for others. As time passes by, you will witness how your previous efforts will be able to continually proffer value. On the other hand, your activities at the moment will gear towards generating content for front-end products or services and eventually back-end products or services.

If you are a blogger, you may consider the content of your site as your free resource. Once you are ready with this, you may now start building up free email auto responder course. You can set 5 training emails to go out in a sequence. Other than this, you can also distribute videos or audios for free.

To sum it up, the options are infinite. Bear in mind that it is very essential to realize the thrust you can derive from these deliveries. Eventually, you can expect the free line to move further down.

Lastly, always drive forward – if you want to stay in business. Break new ideas. Ask, for nothing but attention.