I Suck, Seriously!

According to the Urban Dictionary
An expression of one’s awareness of one’s own personal shortcomings.
For example, The morning after sending a drunken e-mail to the girl he was secretly pining for, John woke up, and, remembering what he had done, said, “Man do I suck!”.

Most PR firms (and companies in general) will go on and on about how great they are. “We are great at this…. and we are great at that….” They act as if they say it long enough and to as many people as they can, it will become true. Well, we do believe in the power of positive thinking, BUT we also know that saying that a frog is cat will never make it so no matter how many times or how loud we say it. That’s stupid and delusional at best.

Most companies are very poor at most things…in fact, we they suck at most things. It is a miracle that they stay in business at all when analyze them.

We are not yet ready to discuss the Power of Negative Thinking (we are still researching), but we are ready to say that their is Power in Admitting the Negative . We try (and yes it is a struggle) to admit where we are bad.

We suck at lots of things. Sucking is what drives us to do better. We are getting better at lots of things as well, but we will always suck (or at least believe we suck) at some. And that benefits our clients tremendously.

Sucking may be one of our competitive advantages.