PR Power: The Game Of Statistics And Numbers

Are you interested in knowing:

The percentage of people who use a five minutes per day exercise to lose weight?

The number of people who make last minute reservations for their holiday trip?

The percentage of athlete champions who run barefoot?

Chances that you get cold on your ski trip?

The percentage of people who will go on blind date on the New Year eve?

If none of these questions hooked you, some other statement will if I keep saying them. The same happens with media. People simply love statistics as the numbers seem real no matter they actually are or not. These are the best thing to offer to the producers, writers, bloggers, editors and media people. It really attracts them and they find it useful. They will make use of your stats and quotes to make a great sizzling news and article.

You can make use of statistics in your media pitches and PR campaigns and you may get statistics, percentages, figures and numbers off the Internet that relate to your offer. You may also carry out an online or offline survey on your own and use its results. If you want to do it on your own, here is a little help as you may visit www.surveymonkey.com and get much useful information. You may make some interesting surveys and get responses as per your will. The nature and type of survey should be according to your offer for example, if you are related to some nutritional supplement, you need to find the percentage of people using the supplements today as compared to five years back. Your survey should be linked to your business in any case.

Now, when you get the results, make a pitch and clearly state those results and create an informational pitch. Give it a proper shape like a press release. It is then ready to be given to the media and once they get it, it is news. Don’t forget to add your company information and your expertise in the field. Now, it comes out to be an accurate pitch with the story based on your survey results and your expertise in the field as the one who can explain it. It is the best technique for a Public relations task and gives you a chance to hook the media with your valuable information.